One day they followed their vocation. As priests, they preached love relentlessly, sacrificing body and soul. But slowly, doubts started to grow. Three intimate confessions from former priests, put against the personal view of the film director. In order to preserve their faith, they had to leave the church.

In the 1960s, a little boy went to mass with his parents. During the communion, he started vomiting. What could he have been throwing up? The boy is now a filmmaker and he looks back on this incident. For this, he meets three priests who chose – or were forced – to cut ties with the Church. They thought that the word “religion” meant religare – “to bond” – or “love”. They thought that the Church meant compassion and they thought that it served spirituality. But they came upon something else, even exclusion. 

To preserve their faith, they had to leave the Church. These three sinners became all the more committed, but they never went kneeling down to ask forgiveness. There is a fourth testimony, that of a woman. The Church never rejected her, because it never accepted her. She stigmatises this basic inequality, reminding us that there is the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit just as there is the mother and daughter. Through its sincerity and the space it gives to faith and religious feelings, the film puts the Church among people where it should be and has long forgotten to be. 

Three former priests answer the director’s questions frankly and with no false modesty.

DIRECTOR Peter Woditsch
YEAR 2017
In Competition 2015 at DOCVILLE, Ostend, HOF international Filmfestival, Biberach and Montréal International Competition a.o.
Vaf, CFWB, Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig - Holstein, VRT - RTBF - NV Stuckens - NV HS STEEL - Taxshelter of the federal Belgian Governement