We discover Japan today through the eyes of Taro Yamamoto, an atypical young Japanese senator who used to be a popular actor. The story of a rebel who goes against the flow.
In the Kyuden imperial gardens where the Emperor of Japan receives elected members of the Diet, a young parliamentarian from the Upper House, Taro, breaks all taboos: he gives the Emperor a letter to draw his attention to the situation of the victims of Fukushima.
His act brought him death threats. But Taro Yamamoto was no stranger to the Japanese. Before getting into politics, he was an acclaimed actor. All the studios rejected him overnight for his anti-nuclear stance following March 11, 2011.Taro quickly realised that Japan isn’t sick because of Fukushima. That is only a symptom revealing an even deeper abnormality. Taro widens the scope of his fight to understand the situation in its entirety.
Then there is Shinzo Abe, the Prime Minister. Taro is the hero of this tragedy. Shinzo is not only the antagonist; he is a perfect enemy. Taro is anti-nuclear. Abe wants to revive the reactors shut down after the catastrophe. Taro dreams of a Japan oriented towards social solidarity. Abe is setting up a neoliberal economic programme and wants to impose the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership). Taro is fighting for future generations. Taro tries to understand and learn from his country’s past. 
Taro and Abe personify the deep opposition between the Japan that is hanging on to a past when the economy was booming and one, which sees that the machine is stuck. 
DIRECTOR Alain de Halleux
YEAR 2018
NYC columbia university film, Tokyo University film fest, Doc Cévennes (FR), Intl Filmfest HOF (DE),
Festival de Lama (FR)
Festival cinéma ATTAC (BE)
Fukuyama I Fukuyama (JP)
Hachinohe I Aomori (JP)
Nishiharamura I Kumamoto (JP)
Osaka City I Hyogo (JP)
Saitama-Shi I Saitama (JP)
Senshu Univ I Saitama (JP)
Tajimi I Gifu (JP)
With the support of the Centre du Cinéma et de l'Audiovisuel de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles , the Flanders FilmFund/ VAF, Programme Europe Créative - Media de l'Union Européenne, and the development support from PICTANOVO (FR) in coproduction with  Zorn Productions international and Magellan Films, RTBF, CBA and VRT .Avec le Soutien du Tax shelter du Gouvernement Fédéral belge.